Rediscover your potential

If you are looking to understand the mechanisms of your injury, prevent injury, enhance your rehabilitation or improve your physical performance, Movewell can help you.

Movewell is a rehabilitation and performance centre made up of a team of biokineticists and physiotherapists using cutting edge equipment. It just so happens to be the only lab of its kind in KZN, offering objective orthopaedic assessments for sport or medical rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement.


Injury Risk Assessment

An injury risk assessment is aimed at pinpointing biomechanical and neuromuscular risk factors that could lead to injury.

Old injuries can reoccur or cause a weakness that becomes painful. With our data driven assessments we can find out how best to apply sound programmes to ensure that this does not become a weakness, but is managed correctly so the injury does not reoccur.

Using modern equipment together with particular assessments, we are able to find post-operative rehabilitation or athlete’s weak spots. We then structure a programme that assists in preventing injury and enhancing their performance.

We understand that everyone is unique in their speed, strength, and intensity. Movewell is geared to provide testing and training that meets the individual needs through purposeful evidence-based assessments of injury risk.

As the sports industry moves towards “data driven” outcomes and performance evaluations, Movewell is the only lab in KZN that makes use of leading databased equipment and real-time video analysis to fully assess and understand an individual’s movement and take steps to significantly reduce the risk of re-injury.


Strength and Conditioning

Push your limits and perform at your best. Movewell provides the platform to enable you to achieve your best results while minimising the chance of injury.

We begin by carrying out a full evaluation to identify your distinct strengths and weaknesses that are specific to your goals. Data-driven strength and conditioning programmes mean that progress is measurable and targeted and will get you performing at your best in the shortest time frame possible.


Gait Analysis

Gait analysis looks at how you walk and run and uses the latest technology to assist in identifying injury risks. It also aids in analysing dysfunctions within your gait that could lead to or be as a result of ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain.

If you are a runner, Movewell will conduct a full gait analysis to eqiup you with the gait correction techniques and training to help you run more efficiently and effectively with a reduced risk of lower limb injury.

Rediscover your potential.