Nicola Oliver

Nicola has had a keen interest in human performance and movement from a young age. After completing her honours degree in Sport Science (High Performance) at Stellenbosch University in 2008, she went on to do two yoga instructor courses and worked in the fitness industry abroad. Most individuals she worked with were dealing with some form of pain or injury and it was these interactions and her own experience with lower back pain and other sports-related injuries that ignited her passion for injury rehabilitation.

She returned to Stellenbosch to complete her honours degree in Biokinetics in 2011 and went on to start her own practice which is now a part of Movewell.

Nicola is extremely passionate about biokinetics. She takes a precise and clinical approach to her treatments and thoroughly enjoys working with the data that the laboratory equipment is able to provide. She loves working with people of all ages and has a special interest in gait analysis.

“Each individual case is a unique puzzle. I love the challenge of figuring the puzzle out and making a positive difference to a patient’s life. Exercise is amazing like that. The RIGHT exercise done in the RIGHT way can literally turn your life around.”