We work with children of all physical abilities to help them to develop sound postural and biomechanical habits from a young age, to support them in achieving confidence in movement and to allow them to be their best active selves.

What we offer:

  • Management of Sever’s and Osgood Schlatters disease
  • Postural correction
  • Pre- and post- operative rehabilitation and support
  • Injury risk management
  • Sport specific conditioning
  • General physical conditioning

Skyler is an active 11 year old who is trying to find a way to continue being active post knee surgery

Like any growing boy, being active is a big part of Skyler’s life. He loves taking part in athletics and rugby and in his spare time enjoys riding his bicycle and motorbikes.

After knee surgery, this was all but impossible to do.


The Challenge

“I had a repair to a tendon on my knee. They used pins to keep the tendons in place.”

The doctor suggested that Skyler visit Movewell to help rehabilitate the injury after the surgery. He began with physiotherapy treatment to get full movement back and then moved on to biokinetics.

“I found that the people at Movewell were friendly and encouraging.”

An evaluation was done to determine how weak the left knee was compared to the right post operatively.


The Solution

After the assessment, he began a 6 week exercise rehabilitation programme to increase the fitness and strength of his left knee.

After this phase was complete, Skyler’s knee was reassessed and found to be 51% stronger than when he had started. He is now continuing on a new programme to further strengthen his knee and to get it ready to safely return to competitive sport again.


The Results

“I love running and was a very good sprinter before my accident. I was devastated when I could not run at all after my surgery, but since my rehab and with Movewell’s guidance and support, I feel happy that my knee will make a full recovery.”

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