We work with sports people of all ages and abilities in order to enable them to reach their personal sporting goals as effectively and efficiently as possible with the lowest risk of injury.

Our athletes include:

  • Short and long distance runners
  • Track athletes
  • Rugby players
  • Swimmers
  • Dancers
  • Mountain Bikers
  • Motorbikers
  • Horse riders
  • Hockey players
  • Tennis players, etc.

What we offer:

  • Running analysis and gait correction
  • Lactate threshold testing for running
  • Sport specific fitness testing
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Shoe prescription
  • Active recovery: compression bag and sports massage
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury management

Avid runner and cyclist Brendan Temple considered giving up the sport he loved until Movewell was able to relieve him of his ITB pain – for good.

Sport has been a huge part of Brendan’s life since the age of 15 – at school, he cycled for KZN and ran for Pietermaritzburg. He continued enjoying his biking and running with no issues until he hit his 30s, when he started experiencing knee pain that worsened into his 40s.

Eventually, things got so bad that he considered quitting the sports that he loved so much.


The Challenge

“I had been suffering from Iliotibial Band (ITB) pain on the side of my leg. I could not run – for example, when I got to 2km, something would twinge, my calf would strain, my knee would ache, and I would be forced to stop. After every cycle, the side of my thigh and knee would ache for 24-48 hours afterwards.”

Over the years, Brendan had been to a few physiotherapists and biokineticists, and there had been some improvements, but he was still experiencing the frustrating pain. He heard about Movewell’s equipment and decided to have an assessment to identify where things were going wrong in his running and cycling.


The Solution

Brendan was impressed the moment he stepped foot into the Movewell lab: “The lab is state of the art, and I could not believe how reasonable it was to do a 60 minute assessment there. I was blown away with their knowledge and passion for sportspeople. From the moment you walked into the lab, you felt you were in very good hands.”

After 60 minutes of high-tech assessing and reporting, the biokineticist put together a report with all of Brendan’s different issues.

He advised Brendan on how to run and cycle, and gave him a series of exercises to start his journey of healing. To stay on track, Brendan attended clinic sessions at Movewell where they guide patients through their prescribed exercises, ensuring that they are being done properly and regularly.


The Results

Brendan describes his results as “mind-blowing.” After 6-8 weeks on the programme, he was able to run 6km in 30 minutes, with no pain apart from general running fatigue and stiffness. His knee pain and ITB syndrome were gone.

“The exercises and rehab are not always easy, but so worth it. To be able to exercise pain-free after 14 years is nothing short of a miracle. I didn’t realise that with the right advice and guidance, you can heal and stay strong and fit. I did my best Sani2C to date, and it just makes everything a pleasure again.

Movewell have the equipment and people to change your life. They certainly changed mine, and I have been injury-free for over a year now.”

Rediscover peak performance.